Effective Dog Clicker Training

Irrespective of the type of dog you have, dog training lessons with clickers are counted among the most effective and notable methods to dictate and control a dog’s behavior while training them to respond to basic commands. It does not take much time to become an expert at clicker training. With a good functional clicker, the dog can be taught all the commands.

Learning Clicker Training Tricks

The vital element in clicker training is teaching your dog to recognize and respond to the sharp strong sound of the clicker audible from a distance of 20+ yards. For every command, you have a different click. The motive behind the training is to observe distinctive positive behavior and reward it with a clicker sound. The clicker obviously does not initiate the training. The dog must understand first that a click means you are happy with its behavior. You can begin the exercise by getting a simple $2 clicker from a pet store nearby and some dog goodies.

Using a clicker specifically for this reason has its importance. For a start, the dog will respond to the sound of the clicker only when they become aware that you found their behavior positive and wish to reward it. You can use words in certain circumstances, but their response will not be as quick as when the clicker was used.

Implementing Clicker Dog Training

Response training to a clicker begins with three simple steps. The first step is to establish a behavioral pattern with your dog. For example, it could be speaking, rolling over, sitting, or performing some other trick you have in mind. The moment the dog performs the task or trick, use the clicker and reward it.

Two to three markings is all it takes for the dog to understand your command and repeat it on hearing the distinctive clicker sound for it. Dog training lessons with clickers are effective as the dog’s response is immediate, and the reward allows it to memorize the commands. Verbal commands are not as effective and you will need more time to train the dog.

Lastly, continue the behavioral training regularly once your dog understands the pattern and connects it to the reward. Goodies need not be used all the time. Showering praises and petting the dog work just as fine.

Shifting To Verbal Commands

The moment your dog understands a behavioral pattern, clicker dog training can be replaced with verbal or spoken commands that could be used at any location. Speak out the required verbal command just before using the clicker, and then reward it. Your dog learns quickly how to connect the three.

Ultimately, effective clicker dog training will teach the dog how to respond to a spoken command, and it will understand that you rewarded it because you approved. You will not have to reward the dog in time. It will willingly behave in a positive manner because you like its behavior.

It must be evident by now that dog training lessons with clickers are effective. It simplifies the task of training your dog in many different ways. Use a sharp yet simple command to mark the pattern, and train your dog to perform any task.